A Practical Bible Lesson from Ballet


In ballet when you want to do a twirl or spin, it’s important that you “spot.” Spotting is picking a specific place to look at in the direction that you want to go, for example, a door-knob directly across the way from you. If you don’t spot you will quickly become unbalanced, dizzy, and head in a different direction. Before you can learn to spin though, you must warm up, stretch, and practice.

As Christians we read, pray, and get to know God. Those things are all so needed. They cause us to grow. When we do these things we are being obedient and following our “Instructor.” Wouldn’t it be odd to spend all of our time stretching and warming up but never expecting our instructor to have us dance? If we learn and stretch and practice wouldn’t we not only expect but even WANT to put it to use and dance? What if though, our Christian walks are just that…we do our warm ups, stretches, practices, and then when our spin starts we panic and cry out to our instructor, “What is this whirlwind I’m in?! Get me out of it. Why is this happening to me?“ But if we only knew that our gentle instructor is saying “Sweet child, this wasn’t meant to be a whirlwind. This is a beautiful spin. If you are seeing this as a whirlwind, you have not “spotted” yet. What use is your warm up and stretching and all your practicing if not to be beautifully choreographed into a dance.” God doesn’t desire for His children to look like people caught up in whirlwinds…unbalanced, dizzy, and misdirected. He desires us to be on display…spotting. Spinning yes, I wont deny that you may be spinning, but in a specific direction, eyes fixed, standing tall, balanced and confident in your destination. If you feel you are in a whirlwind, take a deep breath; know that you are equipped, having been prepared for this show. Know that people are watching. Know that God is the instructor and this show is for His glory. This should give us even more confidence, that He doesn’t desire a disaster on stage. He doesn’t desire a mockery of His child. He doesn’t desire to have you dizzy, lost, embarrassed, and unbalanced on stage. He is faithfully there, steady and unmoving, the perfect place to “spot.” He will keep you balanced, moving forward, graceful even. This wasn’t unseen or unplanned. God is giving you the opportunity to dance.

~ Katlyn

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  2. Veronica Aguilar says:

    Beautiful illustration!!


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